2 Sheet Lit rail table build


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This build was done in May of 2015..
OK, first of all this build was specifically to try out a design that uses only 2 sheet of ply on a LIT RAIL table.
All comments are welcome.

First off I spent about $150 on this Build, I had some folding legs in my garage along with the defuser material.

$0 for 2 sheets of ply wood - I wished I had bought ply (Good Ply)
$10 for the outer edge 1/8" ply
$30 for the Lights
$75 for felt, padding, and vinyl - On a 40% off sale at poker N stuff.
$30 for hardware and paint

There is a box at the bottom that is only there to straighten the warped ply wood (don't buy crap wood, even if its free).



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Yes, I did not realize when I attaching the felt I was putting pressure down on the wood and with the felt face down, after I was done attaching it I flipped it over and it looked fine, then when I bolted it to the table the bow (it was arched) flattened down and made the felt loose....BUY WOOD flat wood, thats all Im saying about that..

Luckily, it is still playable and not too loose..
How did you build that outer raised rail? The curve looks perfect - no seams. I would assume it's some sort of veneer? If so, how noticable is it where it starts/ends?

It's an impressive build - especially with only 2 sheets of ply. Do you have construction pics?


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I used 2 layers of 1/8 ply and slightly beveled the seem edges, I gave two seems, and glued and sanded one spot lifted a little but still pretty good.
I do have cunstruction I was gonna post those up next, photo bucket gave me some issues.
I would love to build a lighted table such as this. However, I really like the idea of putting cup holders in the rail. I'm just not sure how to do that with the lights and diffuser, or how to do that in general in regards to the foam and vinyl. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Also what are the dimensions of your table and the u-shaped riser pieces?


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Well, the nice thing about this design is you can space the risers any distance apart [see link in post 6] such that the cup holders you put in would fit between the risers...as far as putting cup holders in the rail, you add the holes in the rail piece then when you affix the padding you then trim it out of the cutout...the vynal is done the same as the inside area, cross cut about 3 lines going through the center, but don't cut up to the foam leave about 1/2 inch or so, the pull tight and staple to the underside...but after you do the inside and outside of the entire rail...there might be something I'm missing so get more feedback...


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I am building another one a little different, and am trying to document that one better. I will try to get pics up soon for this one.

I used light defuser from a kitchen I remolded and they had the florescent lights. The LED's you need at least 6 meters to go all around, and find one with a power supply, remote, and controller. I used RGB 5050 and bought 10 meters.