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Cottage Cave

Okay so there will be some debate as to what it should be called I grew up calling them cottages if they are by the water others will call them lake houses or camps. In any case I started the renovations a few months ago but finally took some pictures. I might have some befores floating around. But a few weeks ago my wife and I were discussing what we were going to do with all the space and I started laying out all my plans she made the comment that "It's quite a man cave you're building." Well with two male toddlers she'll be outnumbered anyways so might as well make it so they can enjoy it too.
World of Leisure. That is why the walls got moved. The room we are doing all the work on will house the table. Hopefully the room that it's currently in will house poker table(s).


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I found from everyone who had including me that a pool table gets old. Fun for kids but not so much for adults anymore. Board games, activities in the yard and from time to time the pool table seem to be a thing of the past. My buddy sold his house with the pool table because it never got used and he wasn't moving it...

Poker is getting more rare. Holdem everywhere, dealer call forget it....People can't sit still anymore I guess..
This is the reason I'm going shuffleboard....
We play the dumb wild card dealers choice games, which is why I have 300 $.05 and 600 $.25 chips. The pool table is certainly more for the rainy days and evenings. I haven the played on the table in years but that was because it was at my parents house until last year when they sold the house.


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Boss took the box truck to pick up his pool table the other day. He's got a buddy who is rich and wants to impress him. Asked me to build him a custom poker table. He doesn't like my price on my time. If I build on company time he doesn't like the price eithero_O.....