Fat Tire Build Thread

Here is my fat tire table build. We start with most of the cuts already made. And the pieces unfinished, but dry fit together.


Cutting the aluminum Chan crafted diffuser.


Always recess the T nuts, then glue them in place

CCB0F641-3597-43B4-B0BA-7573E6E08A81.jpeg DE519318-A8F4-420A-8C10-DCDEF8B4FE6A.jpeg C1CDCA30-A03C-4A3D-B3C9-B4282121883D.jpeg

Now, let’s run the electrical to the LEDs

67EB0B9D-CABF-4800-B759-1087D3699006.jpeg B3920053-9715-45BA-A278-12663032C6BE.jpeg

Some paint (primer) for the custom bases

Shines fresh lacquered black.


Cutout and support for power supply

435EA68C-3D91-4B43-950C-6AA94CF5FDD3.jpeg C1F14CC0-7FF2-401A-BEB2-139F8CBBC432.jpeg EBA07DD3-DEF0-4D56-A7CF-9BBDF7FD2C6F.jpeg

Play surface foam cut nice and smooth. (Electric knife)


Using IKEA tape for measuring for deco nails Then using a metal angle iron jig to pre drill holes at set intervals. Then employing my 12 yo daughter to point the nails in.

B2B8A046-1D71-4434-AC87-238CC88C2625.jpeg 5B06A7B1-5C89-4F7E-9416-4FB97E0D8323.jpeg D8138940-3833-45E4-9AC7-0B48046672A7.jpeg
A TV tray and a bin of tools seem like legit methods for holding down t(e rail foam whilst it dries


Cutting, stretching, stapling rail vinyl... ugh.

BA9CA1FC-2261-4F95-AE7A-104644770B55.jpeg 6EE31A5D-B71D-454A-B447-E4910A94EB94.jpeg 8D7329A3-8D53-414F-9C0D-62619F4F0F62.jpeg

Finished product.

A1BA6CF0-3886-4D19-A3C7-D3D6333AC6C5.jpeg 63DC1515-F36E-451D-BC29-F94787BEE0A8.jpeg 16D12A79-6E99-4BE7-AAB1-DAA63E73DC3E.jpeg