First Custom table build! More to come!!!

Just finished this table today. I'm thinking I want to start selling them. How much do you think I could sell it for? Took me 7 days but it was my first one and I'm sure I could get turn around to 3 days.


I wasn't planning on putting a base on it due to a lack of space for it in my house. As a table top it is easier to put in a corner when not in use. If I did put a base on it I would probably go with a centered pedestal.


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You should just use the legs from the drafting table you have in the background, then you could tilt the poker table up and out of the way when not in use.

Nice work, did you do all the stitching yourself?
I did not do the stitching myself. I have a friend that does upholstery that did it. However, I helped him through the process and learned a lot from just this one table.

Btw that is an assembly table not a drafting table. I would have to purchase legs for this table if I wanted them, but I don't since it will take up too much space in my home. If somebody else wanted one I could order some legs or a pedestal, finish, and attach.