First Table Build

Hey everyone. I graduate from college in May and will finally have a pretty normal steady schedule in my life, with time to finally build a table during my time after work (instead of studying till 3am every night). Ive been wanting to build a custom table for a while now. Does anyone have any plans that theyd be willing to share/ know where I could find some to pick thru? I wont be starting the build till july at the earliest (will be moving and getting married in june as well as starting my job) but i want to start getting ideas pulled together. I know i want to be able to seat atleast 8. I would love any help/ ideas.


Staff member
One day I hope to have the Resource section filled with plans, How Tos, diagrams, etc. Have you decided on the shape yet? 8 would be the max on a round table. 8-10 for an oval.
definitely wanting an oval. my friend built one that seats ten with cupholders and a raised rail, with a racetrack, but the cloth is nothing to special and its pretty basic. Wanting to put LEDs on it too.
I think ive decided that i dont want a racetrack... just a rail with about a 2inch lift and cupholders in the rail and i want to put the lights hidden behind a light diffuser (like the one attached) below the rail... does anyone know where to get a diffuser like that? light diffuser.jpg