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Welcome to Poker Table Forum!

Many of you may know me from Poker Chip Forum, a site that I started in March 2013.
My passion for collecting poker chips eventually led me to getting my own poker table years later. I've talked with and met many great people along the way. One of them being Tony from Chanmans Poker Tables.

I acquired the PTF domain from Tony a few months after it shut down. Unfortunately the old database was not able to be recovered. For the past couple of months I've been trying to figure out what to do with the domain.

So I've decided to relaunch the site to be the go to place for all things poker table related. We'll have a few forum sections, but my main goal is to have an organized repository (in the Resource section) of poker table building 'How To's, products reviews, custom builder reviews, and everything else that falls under building or buying a poker table.

If you have a minute, please sign up today. Thanks!
In. When I joined PCF (Poker Chip Forum), I had 2 sets of chips. Now I own 5, and many incomplete sets.

I have 3 tables already... What will happen now that I've joined PTF?

Googling Poker House Addition Forum...


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Major upgrade today. We are now running the next generation of XF's forum software which is still in beta. I will be adding back the custom addons and style tweaks over the next few days. If you notice something not working right, please let me know. Thanks!
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