The Music Shack - Custom Cloth Mockup


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I have ordered and am waiting for my Custom chips to arrive.
Here is a link to the custom thread:
I am in the proccess of building a man cave out of the garage and I am considering Building another table with custom cloth, or having @T_Chan build it, so, I need help designing the custom felt, here are a couple of ideas.

A huge thanks to @p5woody for getting my custom chip art work, I used the shack from my plaque to create some of these.

beautiful set man.
Yeah, you might have some trouble with the $20s or the button. Depending on how well lit the room is i guess.

Although, i really like the look of darker felts... it will likely hide wear a bit better as well.
that looks awesome. I personally wouldn't have the community cards spot. but only because my table wouldn't have a designated dealer most of the time. It also says "texas hold-em only!" while mixed games are getting more and more popular.
thats only a personal preference and i think it looks awesome.
The colors def go good with the set as well.


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Yeah, I discussed this with my players Saturday. I do have me and one other person who deals (sits across from me) 99.99 percent of the time. If he does not show up I have others shuffle for me and I perma deal.

I might end up making it a rectangle or just remove it altogether....