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Wheel Chair Accessible Poker Table

I volunteered to design and build a wheelchair accessible poker table for a group of 6-8 guys that are currently confined to a Veteran’s Home.

I’m thinking that an octagonal table with a center pdeastal would be best. I’ll make the height adjustable between 27” and 34”.

Any other thoughts on dimensions? How wide should each side be to allow for a wheelchair yet make the table small enough that they can reach? Any ideas on over all dimensions for the table.

Would a raised padded rail be a hinderance for this group?


Well-Known Member
Will depend on height. Height and width will depend on the base and wheel chair access. If it were me I would find out average wheel chair size on width and length and make enough patterns to put on floor to design the base and table. Don't assume anything without patterns. Because of the wheel chairs you may not get more than 6 on a table...