Why not? snap back shuffleboard...


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Been beating around the bush about making a Snap Back shuffleboard table. Probably walnut,Sapele with bloodwood highlights Glued the 8/4 awhile back and after spending time figuring a design I guess I'll start it. It will be slow but it's for fun, not profit. A little bigger than I would like for my rec room. But it should be fun....



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Thanks for sharing. Will be following for sure.
My buddy has one that he got for free when his friend closed his bar. It just sits there in his garage collecting dust with piles of stuff on it too. :rolleyes:


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To make room in my shop I have to start building stuff to get rid of wood. I feel I'm only making more stuff for the personal property auction after my death....:(


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Sorry guys..Work keeps me on overtime and can't get anything done. Worked Sat.Sun. and part of Monday of the 4th. Tired...